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Comprehensive Vision Examinations for Adults & Children
  • Eye Health (retinal photos are included in every comprehensive exam) The eye, neural pathways, visual fields and eye pressure are evaluated to determine the presence of glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes, hypertension, and other ocular and systemic diseases.
  • Refractive Status: Evaluations are made for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and the benefits of glasses and contact lenses.
  • Visual Acuity at Near Distance: Is vision clear and single at close distances? Clear sight at short distances is critical to reading, writing, close work and computer use.
  • Visual Efficiency: Evaluations are made for visual tracking, focusing and eye coordination ability to ensure maximum performance for school, work, and leisure activities.
  • Eye Teaming Skills: Do the two eyes aim, move, and work as a coordinated team? Weakness in binocular (two-eyed) vision and eye teaming skills can cause numerous difficulties.
  • Eye Focusing Skills: Do the eyes maintain clear vision at varying distances? Rapid automatic eye focus adjustment is critical to learning, reading, writing, sports, etc. Deficiencies can cause visual fatigue, reduced reading comprehension, and/or avoidance of close work or other activities.

Contact Lenses Fitting and Evaluation

If you have been told or thought that you couldn’t wear contacts because of dry eyes or too much astigmatism, Dr. Tran have extensive experience fitting difficult cases such as excessive astigmatism, dry eyes, and bifocal contact lenses. With advancement in technology, dozens of new contact lenses are now designed for the individual who has needs at multiple distances: up close, intermediate and at a distance.
Our contact lens services will provide

  • Topography (mapping of your corneal surface for any warpage or distortion)
  • Automated Keratometry (measuring the curvatures of your corneal surface to find the best lens fit)
  • Assessment of your corneal health
  • Assessment of any contact-lens induced conjunctivitis
  • Update your contact lens prescription, after providing you with latest lens technology.

Computer-related Vision Assessment

Computer Vision Syndrome describes a group of eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer use. The most common symptoms associated with Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) are:

  • eyestrain
  • headaches
  • blurred vision
  • dry eyesneck and shoulder pain

The extent to which individuals experience visual symptoms often depends on the level of their visual abilities and the amount of time spent looking at the computer screen. Uncorrected vision problems like farsightedness and astigmatism, inadequate eye focusing or eye coordination abilities, and aging changes of the eyes, such as presbyopia, can all contribute to the development of visual symptoms when using a computer.

This evaluation will focus on:

  • Patient history to determine any symptoms the patient is experiencing and the presence of any general health problems, medications taken, or environmental factors that may be contributing to the symptoms related to computer use.
  • Testing how the eyes focus, move and work together. In order to obtain a clear, single image of what is being viewed, the eyes must effectively change focus, move and work in unison. This testing will look for problems that keep your eyes from focusing effectively or make it difficult to use both eyes together.
  • Visual acuity measurements to assess the extent to which vision may be affected.
    Refraction to determine the appropriate lens power needed to compensate for any refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism).
  • This testing may be done without the use of eye drops to determine how the eyes respond under normal seeing conditions. In some cases, such as when some of the eyes’ focusing power may be hidden

Dry Eye Management

Dry Eye Syndrome is a growing epidemic that has eye care professionals around the world concerned.  Our doctor is dedicated to help patients that suffer from this very distracting eye problem. Dry eye syndrome is similar to what it sounds like but constitutes a lack of lubrication or moisture in the eyes related to the tear film and production of natural tears. This syndrome can be caused by a wide variety of factors including the natural aging process, over-the-counter cold medicines, contact lens wear and environmental factors.If you suffer from a scratchy, dry or a burning sensation you may be experiencing dry eye. In order to properly diagnose this problem you should come into our office for a visit with Dr. Tran. At your visit we will conduct several tests to determine the severity of the dryness.

Glaucoma Screening

Our doctor provides screening and management for patients who are at risk for glaucoma. Our sophisticated equipment assist our doctor in determining the status of glaucoma and help monitor the patient’s condition. We recommend all our patients to have glaucoma screening annually.

And More
  • Eye emergency
  • Diagnosis and treatment for eye diseases
  • Retinal photography
  • Lasik co-management
  • Selection and fitting of frames and lenses
  • Complimentary lifetime eyeglass adjustments

Insurance Provider

We honor EyeMed Access, Vision Service Plan, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Cigna, United Health Care, Medicare, Flexible Spending (FSA)/Health Savings (HSA) Credit Cards. We accept Cash and all major Credit Cards.

We are an eyecare professional provider for many insurance plans. If your insurance is not our current list, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will help you clarify your insurance eligibility and benefits.