Why Are Comprehensive Eye Exams Important for Your Vision Health?

Why Are Comprehensive Eye Exams Important for Your Vision Health?

Why Are Comprehensive Eye Exams Important for Your Vision Health?

Why Are Comprehensive Eye Exams Important for Your Vision Health?

Imagine not being able to see your friends or the world around you—terrifying. While vision loss is a scary thing to think about, it affects many people worldwide every day.

A whopping 50% of all cases of vision loss could have been averted. The only thing needed was a comprehensive eye exam. Eye doctors and other health care professionals have discovered that eye health is linked with general health. This makes comprehensive eye exams more essential than many thought. 


What Is in a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

During a comprehensive eye exam, you will likely have the following tests:


  • Preliminary Tests

These are basic tests that help the eye doctor evaluate different visual skills. These could be pupil reactions to light, depth perception, peripheral vision, and eye muscle movements. 


  • Visual Acuity

This test measures the accuracy of your vision, especially in recognizing images and text at different distances. Many will know this as the famous Snellen chart, which measures vision acuity as 20/X. If you have perfect vision, your vision score is usually reported as 20/20; in some cases, those with exceptional sight score 20/15 or 20/10.


  • Digital Retinal Image

This diagnostic tool takes a detailed high-resolution digital image of the retina, blood vessels, and optic nerves at the back of your eyes. These colored photographs are crucial for an ongoing eye exam and serve as a reference point for future retinal photographs.


  • Eye Pressure Test

The eye pressure tests use a device that blows air into the eye. The doctor may also use a unique device that glows blue by gently touching the front of the eye. Eye pressure tests are critical in diagnosing glaucoma and other corneal diseases.


Why Are Comprehensive Eye Exams Important for Vision Health?

Any eye doctor can tell you how essential and enlightening a comprehensive eye exam is to your general health. The following explains why comprehensive eye exams are critical to your vision health:


  • Prevent Major Eye Conditions

Many eye conditions that can threaten your vision are sneaky, stealthily damaging your eyes and their supporting structures while you go about your life. The eye doctor must detect them early to start management strategies. Some diseases like glaucoma require immediate intervention to prevent damage to critical eye structures. 


  • Help You Maintain Good Vision

As you age, so do your eyes. Eventually, they catch up with you with unexpected age-related issues like presbyopia. To ensure you still have clear vision, eye doctors can prescribe eyeglasses or contacts to correct vision issues. 


  • They Help Detect Other Health Issues

Comprehensive eye exams can help doctors detect some systemic conditions early. Conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes affect the eyes before they impact other body parts. Moreover, they can impact your vision significantly if they are untreated.

For more on the importance of comprehensive eye exams for your vision health, visit Looksie Optometry in San Francisco, California. Call (415) 593-5348​​​​​​​ or (415) 778-2834 to book an appointment today.

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