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Can I Wear Contact Lenses if I Have Astigmatism or Presbyopia?

Maintaining healthy vision is a top priority for many individuals. However, certain eye conditions can pose challenges when it comes to vision correction. Two common eye conditions are astigmatism and presbyopia.

Tips for Preventing Computer Vision Syndrome: How to Protect Your Eyes During Extended Screen Time

In today's digital age, many of us spend a significant amount of time in front of screens, whether it's for work, entertainment, or communication. However, this prolonged exposure to screens can lead to a condition known as computer vision syndrome. Understanding what computer vision syndrome is and how it affects your eyes is the first step in preventing and managing this condition.

Finding the Perfect Fit: The Importance of Precision in Contact Lens Fittings

The contact lens fitting process involves a series of examinations and measurements to ascertain the best fit for your unique eyes. Your optometrist will not only determine your prescription but also the size and shape of your eyes, the health of your cornea, and your tear film quality. It's a comprehensive approach that takes into consideration every aspect of your vision health.

The Role of Nutrition in Preventing Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome is a condition where the eyes fail to produce enough tears, or they produce tears that evaporate too fast. Dry eyes can cause uncomfortable symptoms like irritation, burning, redness, blurry vision, etc. 

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Designer Glasses

When it comes to eyewear, the term "designer glasses" often comes to mind. But what are designer glasses, and why are they so popular? Simply put, designer glasses are a category of eyewear crafted by renowned fashion brands and designers.

Why Are Comprehensive Eye Exams Important for Your Vision Health?

A whopping 50% of all cases of vision loss could have been averted. The only thing needed was a comprehensive eye exam. Eye doctors and other health care professionals have discovered that eye health is linked with general health. This makes comprehensive eye exams more essential than many thought. 

Are You a Candidate for LASIK?

Do you need prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses to see well? If so, you probably can’t imagine life without corrective eyewear. But beyond eyeglasses or contact lenses, you may wonder whether you should get LASIK instead. 

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